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Free Hard Wordoku Puzzle 'FARMWIVES'

Wordoku is played just like normal Sudoku except that
each row, column and 3x3 square must contain unique letters from a special 9-letter word!
In this puzzle the unique 9-letter word is FARMWIVES. Good Luck!

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You've done it!!!!! Completed the full set of puzzles! ...or did you just scroll to the bottom of the page to see what accolades await you?! Well, you can be sure, that if you've got this far then hat's off to you - you've done better than pretty much anyone else browsing these pages. Even if you can't hear the party sounds and ticker tape outside, we're cheering you for sure. Well done! And just think how many 9 letter words you know now?! Not necessarily the most useful thing for scrabble we admit, although you might get lucky! A bit more useful for Lexicon perhaps? Now - time for a relaxing bath and a couple of cucumber pieces on the eyes - de-stress... ...before sharpening your pencil for another puzzle!
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